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atari2600land's Blog - 47 sightings: August 5, 2017


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47 has been bombarding me lately. A few days ago was our 47th consecutive day without rain. A few days later, a 47 year old man who is going to serve 32 years in prison got an extra 30 years tacked on for another crime. Looks like he'll die in prison. When I thought it was all over, I opened the paper today and saw this:

So it's been a hot week. Last night I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly. I worked a lot on the inside of the cat's mouth. Here's what it looks like:

Yes, I know the esophagus is quite short, but it needs to be due to the way I have Frank's movement working. That and it doesn't appear to be that long on the outside. Now with it done though, I need to think of something else for Frank to encounter. Perhaps a piece of fruit or something?

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