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Tandy Software and Boot Discs HELP!


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My name is Greg. New to the forum. Finally getting around to posting on here. I have been collecting retro computers and consoles for a number of years now, but have yet to really participate in forums. Currently I own an Amiga 600, TI 99/4A, Atari 800XL, and now new to the stable is a Tandy 1000 EX. It was obtained second hand for $5. I spent this afternoon taking the machine apart and cleaning; as well as inspecting the hardware. The computer is all clean now and boots to a prompt for a bootable discs. Herein lies the issue... I have no discs! I don't really have a way of imaging discs for 5.25 drives at this time unfortunately. After some research, I found that I will require MS-DOS 2.11 to be able to boot this machine to run software. Here are my questions.


1. Does anyone have a copy of MS-DOS 2.11 or has the means to copy a disc for me that could be mailed?


2. What is the easiest way to image these discs nowadays?



Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. If you can send me a copy that would be great. I would paypal for the copy of the disc and to cover shipping.


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You have a few different options. You can ven get a modern CF card xt ide hardrive option for loading files onto a cf card to be used as a hard drive .


As far the software. It can mostly be found here for tandy 1000ex and other tandy's



For the EX you do need at least 1 boot disk. But of course you still need other disks if you want to run anything. That would only be dos and maybe basic on the boot disk.


You can also get a lot of disks from ebay for tandy 1000 related software.


//note if you have a computer with an older motherboard you can probably hook up the 5.25 drive directly to a modern computer and use winimager to copy disk images to the drive driectly then put the drive back into the tandy when done. Then internal cable in the ex I think is pretty short though. I have done this and can confirm this will work. I don't need to anymore as I have the cf ccard harddrive option now.




The tandy 1000 also has an option external 3.5" drive which makes it easy to use a usb 3.5" disk drive on a modern computer to transfer to the older system.


your tandy 1000EX setup & systems disks are here:


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As far the software. It can mostly be found here for tandy 1000ex and other tandy's




I've been on this site, most of the disks seem to be in a .zip format which then lists the files included once you unpack it. How do you take those files, and create a disk image that can be placed on the disk via winimager?


Also as far as the compact flash option, is there an online tutorial anywhere to install the device into the Tandy? That looks like an option that I would like to explore as well.



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