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So I got in the mood to work on the waffle project again. So I did that this afternoon. This afternoon because I slept all morning. I went to bed at 11pm and didn't get up until 1pm. And I fell. I thought I was going to move forward when entering my room, but apparently I wasn't, didn't realize it, and fell and made a hideous sound. Scraped my right arm too. I am anticipating having my butt hurt tomorrow. It was like a force field, or perhaps the long handle of the door knob getting into my clothes again. I hate it when that happens. I just could not force myself to wake up. Even now when I've been up for a few hours, I still feel like I could go to sleep and sleep for 14 hours again. Well, before I went to sleep, I worked on Frank again. I made the notes have varying lengths using a new way of doing stuff. So now it is even more like an actual song. But the main focus of today has been waffles. I don't have an estimation on when the game might be completed, but I'd be joyful if I got it out in time for the Holidays. Or perhaps if not, then it could be the only Intellivision game released in 2018 and then I would win GOTY 2018. But that's unlikely as well.

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