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Refurbish Atari 2600 Wireless Controllers and Receiver


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I purchased a set of wireless controllers from eBay and, while they do work, they don't work great. They don't feel like they are making contact well. I don't think it is a matter of interference in this case - I just think they might be getting worn down.


I'm sure someone here has successfully refurbished a set of these. Any pointers? Is there a supplier to replace the controller board perhaps? Maybe - as a last resort - someone here is willing to take a look at them for me?


Thanks ahead of time for any info! :)


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Use an xatco knife, cut out old ones, clean of old adhesive and put one of these on:




Don't touch the tape on the new ones, they wont stick as well.

Also, cut the holes smaller than the width of the tape on the new one. It seems to work better if the new one have some of the old tape to stick to.

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I gotta know, how much did you pay, and how do you hold them? They're so fat!


I paid what seems to be the lower-end eBay rate so $39 shipped.




I didn't want a GameMate set as I have read in multiple places they can be more wonky than the Atari branded sets. This one popped on my alerts, I followed it and turned out I was the only bidder.


As for the controller size - the main reason I wanted a set of these (besides the geeky cool factor) is because I find these more comfortable in my hands than a standard joystick.

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