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So suddenly I was thinking. About my novel I had written. And the second one I was in the middle of writing but stopped. You see, there was a series of books when I was a kid about gross stories. It was like Goosebumps, but only gross. It was called "Barf-O-Rama." Long-time readers of my blog may remember this. The series ended after #15. At the end of book #15 was a preview of #16, but there never was a #16. #16 was supposed to be called "A Fungus Among Us." I was going to write one called that, but then I switched to something else.

I instead wrote one called "Hairy Snotter." That was my #16. It was about a kid who was part of an ancient mystical cult bent on saving the world. If you've ever watched the Stonecutters episode of "The Simpsons," it's a lot like that. Only gross. It ends awful weirdly. Then I started writing a second one. My computer died. Luckily, I had the Word document saved on my website. I didn't use Word, but I instead used Libre Office to recover the document. That's what I'm using now.

I figure if I write a chapter a day, I can finish this book 8 days from now. #17 is called "Fifteen Shades of Yellow." (sense a theme here?) So how I determined the length of these stories is I got out one of my actual books in the actual series and counted the words in a chapter, then multiplied it by 14 (for 14 chapters.) The result was about 20,000 words. That took up 112 pages. So right now I'm at the end of chapter 6 of book #17 (or my second one.) The page number I'm on? I just finished page 47. I try to make each chapter about 8 pages long, like the original books did.

I just wish there was a way to publish one-offs of my books. Where I can design my own covers and stuff. But I don't know if I would want anyone trying to read these. They're just something to fill my time because I want to stop programming for a little bit because I was getting tired of constantly programming stuff. That and I'm stuck on Frank the Fruit Fly, trying to bankswitch it. I changed the in-game font.

I was asleep all day yesterday. I went to sleep at about 8am and woke up at about 9pm. I'm trying to switch my life around so I wake up in the morning so I can do the eclipse thing next Monday. I'm scared to look at it though. I'm going out with my camcorder to film the darkness, but not the eclipse itself because I'd need a special lens cover for it. I'm scared that if I look at it with the glasses, they'd actually be the fake ones and I'll go blind.

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