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Who dares ;)


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Before the oncoming apocalypse, the small ATARI needs some real music ;)

Since no one cares, I hope , some coder could help here.

I found out that the best source for creating POKEY tunes will be "GOAT Tracker" . It offers to put the music on the SID platform, but also keeps all necessary steps to create the needed FX on 3 channels.

As we don't have such a tracker, RMT is the tool, to adjust the tune, Altirra helps for finetuning, to reach at least the best available "music" for POKEY.


As it is very time intensive to convert the instruments to an audible level, a converter for some basic features of the tunes could be useful.


Ofcourse, the song itself, notes on each channel. Instruments fitting on a volume level/time. The needed FX to put into the instrument's name.



Someone interested?

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