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My new favorite hand held joystick


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Very cool! Was it hard to do?



looks good......have more pics???



Nice! That freakin' automatic transmission shifter knob they used originally is just...awful.




Especially since the damned knob isn't locked down in anyway. That would be find if the knob were a ball but it isn't.

Kind of lost track of this thread, but fixed the handle on another one so I could take pictures. I thought it looked like an awesome controller on the internet and bought a couple, but the knob is truly awkward to deal with. I have some pictures putting the atari boot on. Bradd1978 actual did the 7800 mod and I had bought it from him in marketplace since it looked like a good deal, but I may mod this one as well. I have a Seagull 78 and SMS rapidfire that you can use together to use the SMS controller on a 7800, so I've never really *had* to do it myself, but I know it is explained on here and on the "instructables" website.

I'll post some pictures.


Sawing the knob off is pretty easy because as you can see.from the pictures, the inside of the knob is mostly space and the metal cylinder in the center of the stick is not fastened to the knob. If you saw part way through you can just snap it off.


The part that takes some patience is filing down the top part of the stick so that where you snapped off the knob is smaller than the lower part of the stick.


Then you can either sacrifice the white plastic boot support for a CX-40 (cut off the top 1-1/8th inch) or do like I did and just cut a papermate pen tube to the right length. Wrap lots of tape around the open end of the pen tube segment so it fits really snugly into the boot. Stick the closed end of the pen segment into the CX40 rubber boot. Finally, push the boot onto the SMS master control joystick stem, forcing the pen segment up to the top of the boot, and push it down just a bit past so there is no space between the rubber boot and the master control base. It takes some twisting and a lot of pushing down around the edges of the boot to get everything snug and tight. You do want to leave some space under the rubber base of the boot, though, or the stick with be hard to move. The rubber boots as well as the plastic boot supports are still sold on eBay. There might be other things that work better to make the top of the stick rigid, if you have something around that will work, like the cap of something with a pointed exit, like a glue bottle, maybe.







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