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New Game for the 7800 - The Big Burrito!


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Based on a true story...sort of.


Nutsy Doodleheimer and I were talking about an idea for a game based on an assistant store director trying to get his work done but instead has to feed his fat boss chimichangas.


"You are Mr. Cogell the Assistant Store Director at a grocery store. Your boss is a mean, nasty, morbidly obese man that wants to make your day at work a living nightmare. He pouts and whines all day. But, he has a weakness. He loves Mexican food but his top favorite are chimichangas. So you must navigate through six areas of the grocery store warehouse avoiding shopping carts, forklifts, and, pallet jacks so you can keep stuffing him with the deep fried treats."






So here is a silly, yet challenging game about just that. There is only one catch though: you can only carry one chimichanga at a time and have to backtrack to get another chimichanga. Once the fat boss is content, he disappears and a freight elevator will take you to the next area. Stopping you from your goal are out-of-control pallet jacks, forklifts and even shopping carts. You have three lives and each time you get hit, you lose a life. Lose all lives and you get this:




For the controls, use the stick to move in all directions, and while you have a chimichanga in hand, use the direction and left fire button to throw it at the boss. Each level has a specific number of chimichangas you must feed the fat boss with.






BEWARE: While touching the fat boss won't harm you in any way, his farts in one level will. They are lethal and will end your game pretty quick. There is a warning posted in the room just before you enter.





I used Mord's scrolling example to scoot through other rooms although originally the game was to have both horizontal and vertical movement but the room numbers got a bit messed up with placing the chimichanga locations. so I just have it scrolling horizontally.


I wanted to use 48k for its simplicity and I had some issues with one of the sound effects crashing the game using real hardware. That's why there is mainly a lack of sound.





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