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When's the next 7800 HSC season?


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I'm curious too.

Is Mister-VCS still the moderator? Will Toiletunes "resume" in September?


The 7800 has a small library but, for some reason, I always enjoy playing the 7800 HSC.


-- EDIT --

If we're going to choose a new moderator, I'd like to check if NIKON still wants to moderate the 7800. He wanted to help a long time ago...


If Toiletunes, NIKON, Mister-VCS or Jacob can't do it now, I'm up for it.

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7800 is my favorite console, it's like a NES/2600 hybrid. I'm looking forward to playing HSC again. The Activision Summer Quest and working has me worn out, but I'd be happy to resume moderating in October if Mister-VCS or someone else doesn't start sooner.

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I would like to throw my hat in the ring as HSC Moderator....however we are going to have to put this on hold until Albert finishes the site Maintenance.

But while I am here I would like to see a list of titles that everyone wants to play..granted there are only 59 retail titles and not all of them playable in this venue...I am brainstorming some ideas right now to make the competition more interesting. (more on that later)

All this hinges on who everyone wants as a Moderator.


Until next time


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The first games I remember playing were Asteroids, Dark Chambers, Dig Dug, Dk, Dkjr, Galaga, Jinks, Karateka, Tower Toppler, and Winter Games.


Ballblazer, Centipede, Choplifter, Desert Falcon, Food Fight, Joust, MsPac Man, Pole Position, Robotron, Super Skateboardin, and Xevious were close behind.

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Although I play the Atari 2600 since the 80s, I could only play the 7800 after joining AtariAge!

Before I had the console, I played on emulators. So I got all library at once and I remember I tested almost all the games to get a feeling of the "new" system.


After this short test, the first game I really played was Moon Cresta! A homebrew!

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Asteroids was the first game I played on a 7800, but I also played Ms. Pac-Man that same day. I liked Ms. Pac very much and wanted to play more but then I had to leave my cousin's house :(


I remember although I was impressed with the graphics I still preferred the 2600 version of Asteroids (or the arcade version) at the time.

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Pole Position II was the first one I played. It came with the system when I bought it in 2004. I knew so little about the 7800 (I don't know if it was even ever sold in Newfoundland when it was new), the guy had to explain to me what it was and that it was backwards compatible with the 2600. I totally thought he made it up. Joust was the first one I played after that. I had a "only collect games I find in the wild" rule back then, and I was absolutely shocked to find a loose 7800 game here at a flea market.


I vow (on my honour) to play every game of the 7800 HSC this year (no matter how terrible and noncompetitive my scores) if NIKON does get it up and going. I've missed it.

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What was your First Atari 7800 Game you played ?


Mine was







I want to get a consensus of what would possibly be the first HSC game



Pole Position 2.............. of course that will be what most Americans will say

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