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5.5K for a bottle of booze?




I can't abide spirits (early over indulgence as 13yr old at party means I can't stand the smell / taste), nah, a nice glass or two of £7.00 Chardonnay while playing gets my vote, not too sweet and not over powering, my playing isn't the master class it used to be :)

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After a long day of hiking and biking around the bluffs on the banks of the Mississippi river, I'm relaxing to classic Atari and a 15 yr old scotch.

I tried that about 30 years ago and was grounded by my parents for a month for drinking alcohol, it would have been a week, but it was my dad's scotch. :grin:

Now my father has passed on, and my mother lives with me in her waning years, but she'd probably still try and ground me if I did this in front of her today! (very religious). So my drinking and smoking happens out in my shop, then I come in and use my classic Atari...about time to move it to the shop, me thinks... ;)

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