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I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly again today. Added a screen where there's 4 buttons and you have to press them in the right order (with the A button) to pass. After I finally got it working, I figure I had better put in a way to let the player know they pressed the correct buttons.

A correct ding would be time consuming, so what I did was put in three "RIGHT"s in. A correct button press would put up the word "RIGHT" at the top. Then you need three more correct buttons in the correct order to make the wall disappear and Frank can pass. This is an idea I thought up a few weeks ago, but I didn't want to work on it at the time.

I suddenly had an urge to program something when I was looking through Game Boy listings on eBay. I actually bought Yogi's Gold Rush for $7 at some boutique place in New Jersey. Here's hoping it arrives safely. Mom is going to the State Fair tomorrow with my sister and her family. I don't want to go. Mom actually drove to the store this morning to get food. But she is still moping around and saying "I'm sorry," all the time and sometimes laying on the couch.

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