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My new homebrewed z80 computer


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I have been working on this computer for a while, and just recently got the monitor to the point that I'm ready to begin showing it to the masses. The computer itself is still a work in progress, the finalized board will have a graphics chip, mass storage, and a fair amount of I/O. But, for now it is simply communicating over serial. Software wise, I am planning on porting Tinybasic, as well as writing some disk utilities. Even though it's not finished, I figured I would share it.


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I'm too lazy to watch video clips so perhaps you already covered it, but will you have some kind of CP/M compatibility with this board? If so, it opens up a lot of software including programming languages. You probably know of existing SBCs like the first bunch of N8VEM cards and others, which often had CP/M support as one of their main tasks.

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Not in the current configuration. On the final board there will be 64kB of Ram that is banked by way of 74LS74. So CP/M should be able to run on it with a suitable bios.


However, this computer is not that much different from the way CP/M operates. The idea is to have system calls, that reside in low memory, which the user can make calls to in order for their program to function. Such as conin/conout. This make porting CP/M compatible software easier, as you simply have to change the system calls in the source, and the . ORG to compensate for running at 8000h rather than 0100h.

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If you're interested in this project, I have been updating my YouTube channel as well as my website as I progress. At this point I've already ported TinyBASIC over to the system, integrated it into my monitor, and expanded it with several useful BASIC commands. Here is my latest video, and my website is in my signature line. I am also planning on adding mass storage, but I need to get some protoboards in the mail before I can start.

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