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One helluva upgraded Amiga 2000 (with crappy pics!)


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Full specs please!


I see 2MB Chip RAM, 128? Fast... but what CPU? And is that an internal TBC I spy? :love:


Wish the HxC, etc. floppy emulators had more appropriate faceplates for our machines. Hate that gap when installed. :(


And nothing in the 5-1/4" bay? For shame! :rolling: (I have a SCSI CD-ROM drive that could be up for trade)


Btw: do you still have your older floppy emulator for sale or did that go to someone already?

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Commodore 2630 w/ 68030 and 2MB onboard

Indivision Bigram 2630 (adds 115MB)

4MB Commodore Ram expansion

Hotronic TBC card

IDE4 Zorro card with monoprice IDE to CF slot adapter (so that I can access the CF from the back of the machine)

GVP Impact II SCSI adapter with 2MB onboard, updated 4.15 ROM, and SD2SCSI adapter...which is currently not in use (boot disabled by jumper) but I had nowhere to store it!

Lotharek Floppy emulator (SD version)

Video Toaster 2000

DKB MegaChip 2MB CHIP ram upgrade

Indivision ECS Flickerfixer

Original CPU upgraded to 68010

3.1 Kick Rom



The machine (in 68030 mode) boots with 125MB of ram and 2MB of chip. In 68000 (or I should say 68010) mode it boots with 6MB of ram and 2MB of chip. This is because 2MB is sitting on the accelerator card and that card is completely disabled when booting into "slow" mode. Even with the Bigram I still have to work inside of the 8MB limitation sometimes ;) The 68010 is good for some WHDLoad games that fail with the accelerator and I can still use the quit key. And no, nothing in the CD area. I have drives (and IDE at that which I can use) but I didn't feel like I need it for anything in particular and I need to keep some airflow space in here ;)


And no, I have no more floppy emulators for sale. I just picked up a non-flashed one on Amazon for $20 some odd though for a different project ;)

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And yes, I too hate the fact that the lotharek floppy emulator leaves a gap, but I use it all the time (in conjuction with the real floppy) so what am I gunna do? Haha. Maybe one day someone will 3D print a faceplate of some type and I will be all over it. As it stands now it doesn't look so bad when closed up and the functionality far outweighs the aesthetics. I will say that putting this machine together took over half a year. This was a lot in part to trying to obtain parts and some re-learning of the old school Amiga ways that I completely forgot about over the past 30 years. But I am really glad I did it. It does cost some (not too bad when you are slowly going piece by piece) but if you are *really* an Amiga fan I certainly recommend it. It is something I am really proud of and it works just awesomely.

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