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warpzoneonline loaners on ebay


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I have a problem with none of them having dates or codes, just names.

That's my take as well. COULD they be legit? Sure, lots of my protos didn't have dates. However the fact that none of these have dates and the fact that the white stickers all look a little off makes me think these are either from Best or repros. Without seeing the insides on a few of them I can't say for sure. If they all have labeless eproms inside then they're most lilkely a repro.

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They aren't direct from Atari, they may have been copied very early on in the 80's but they are not original Atari loaners. Don't piss you money away on those things... over the past 15 years myself and many others have dumped nearly all proto's found to date and you can freely download the code, burn to eprom, load into a multicart or run from emulation, you really don't need to spend gobs of $$$ on proto carts.

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