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So I had an idea for a Boggle puzzle: Different brands of cereals. How I usually approach this is think up of at least 8 items in the category (sometimes more) and then make them fit in a 5x5 puzzle. Well, I approached this, thinking it'd be done in about a few hours. 8 hours later, I was still working on the dumb thing. It was then I decided to go to sleep. So I went to sleep and slept all day yesterday and woke up today.

After eating a little breakfast (at 12:30am.), I decided to start work anew. From scratch. This one turned out to be more infuriating than the dog breeds puzzle I had trouble with a few months ago, but I actually got the cereal one done in a few hours. I don't know why I suffered for all those hours though. I do these things to cure myself of boredom, and then i get so angry at them I have to stop it and find something else to do.

If you want to see these puzzles I spend a few hours on doing, you can visit my boggle puzzle page here. Right now there's 17 of them, but I've done 20 of them. I Googled the term "boggle puzzles" using Google images, and it looks like there's something similar to what I do in the newspaper Sunday. Not in my newspaper, though, amazingly by the same people who do Jumble. But their puzzle's category is a "bonus" thing. I guess I could do the same thing with mine, but half the fun in it is finding titles for them.

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