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Does another version of the original Dragster exist?

Hector Telloc

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None I heard of.


I also tend to believe there was only 1 version of a lot of early VCS software, up to the time period when Activision and Imagic were just coming onto the scene. The real early stuff, like in the first and second Atari catalog.


Games were simple, revisions simply weren't made.

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I was wondering if another version of the original Dragster exists. For example if Activision released a later version with possible bug fixes ect.

If so is there a difference between these other (possible) versions? Does anyone know for sure if other versions exist?


Thank you in advance.


come on, Todd, just admit you made this record up, and stop signing with fake accounts here to try to fish for some plausible excuse.

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Not that I know of, Todd didn't play on a prototype either, as his original score was done on his own personal cart.

I like to think another version of the game exists, but that's hard to say. Most people think it is unlikely, but no one

seems to know for sure

Personal cart? You mean one he bought with his own money or one created for him by Activision?

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