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Season 6 Medal Bracket Tournament


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NEW HSC Season 6 Bracket Challenge !


* NEW HSC Season 6 Bracket Challenge starts began Monday September 18th *



Bracket Challenge works went like this:


* Three eight-man tournaments, one for each medal bracket.


* Final season ranking determines placement in the bracket.


* First round in each bracket will consist of 4 matches, one game per match.


* Games selected randomly from the list of games we played in Season 6


* Rounds 1 and 2 will last one week each.


* Single-elimination: Lose and you're out, win and move on. In the case of a draw, both players move up.


* FINAL round will consist of three games and last two weeks. In the case that there are more than two players we'll add more games.


* special note: runner-up Tony Danger has been scheduled in as a stand-in replacement for Jin, who has opted out of the tournament.



List of games from Season 6:


Missile Command (Game 16B)


Moon Patrol

Gas Hog

Jr. Pac-Man -- [sILVER Round 1: toiletunes vs. keilbaca]

Galaxian (Game 9) -- [GOLD Round 1: darthkur vs. Diamonds]

Asteroids (Game 4A) -- [GOLD Round 1: nads vs. Vocelli]



Skiing (Game 9A)

Dragster -- [bRONZE Round 1: DarQ Massacres vs. Mister-VCS]

Chopper Command (Single Life Challenge)

Quadrun -- [bRONZE Round 1: Scrabbler15 vs. DanielJSorenson]

Hunchy II -- [sILVER Round 1: Atarian7 vs. AtariWarlord]

Jawbreaker -- [bRONZE Round 1: Gorfy vs. DarQ Massacres]

Tooth Protectors -- [bRONZE Round 2: Raccoony Dave vs. classicgamer_27330]

Plaque Attack -- [GOLD Round 1: oyamafamily vs. Diamonds]

Encounter At L-5

Smurf -- [sILVER Round 1: Tony Danger* vs. Lauren Tyler]

Popeye -- [bRONZE Round 1: Raccoony Dave vs. Scrabbler15]


Crystal Castles -- [bRONZE Round 1: Mister-VCS vs. karokoenig]

Chase the Chuckwagon


Lead -- [GOLD Round 1: snakeboy vs. Vocelli]

Wall Jump Ninja -- [sILVER Round 1: TheHoboInYourRoom vs. Lauren Tyler]

Fast Food -- [sILVER Round 1: TheHoboInYourRoom vs. CapitanClassic]

Fast Eddie

Seaquest -- [GOLD Round 1: snakeboy vs. S.BAZ]


Q*Bert's Qubes

Pole Position

Cosmic Commuter

Crazy Climber

Cosmic Creeps

Pengo -- [sILVER Round 1: Atarian7 vs. toiletunes]

Tanks But No Tanks


Super Cobra


Planet Patrol -- [GOLD Round 1: oyamafamily vs. KaeruYojimbo]


Bump 'N' Jump

Desert Falcon

Lady Bug





(The ones crossed out either got rolled, are not so good for tournament play, or just didn't seem very fun.)

Edited by S.BAZ
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