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Capacitor kit Diagrams


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Now I know that many people have made these cap kits bit it seems that they simply tell you the cap number but not provide an image of where they go in the console. Some of my caps have unreadable pcb numbers. I picked up one by Mojoatomic but have had difficulty figuring out where everything goes. This kit even has a resistor that I have no clue where to place, or if I have to as it says it may or may not be needed. Can anyone direct me to some kind of diagram/tutorial that will help to safely do this? I have a 4sw. Thank you

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Thank you!


Also the capacitors should have values printed on them which help to determine where they go as well. You match the replacement capacitor to the part on the board with the same value

I know but some of mine were just illegible! I couldn't believe how bad they were.

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That's quite bad! If you need capacitors I typically buy mine from Mouser Electronics as they have a great supply at a good cost

Thankfully I got a set from one of the members here. I installed them all last night and the Atari colors look amazing now!

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