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List of ROMS that do not work on Harmony?


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Those roms work just fine.


Some tips (might not be the issue here, just guessing...):


- Use the console switches! If a game doesn't start by pressing the fire button on the joystick, try the RESET switch.

- Plug the correct controller. Paddle games don't work with a joystick.

- Always check the manual of the game if you have problems. They're available here on AtariAge and many other places.

- Use roms for your TV format. (e.g a PAL rom will likely cause the screen to roll on a NTSC setup)

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I have only had issues with a couple of games. It wasn't the fault of the Harmony or the console. Every time I had an issue, it was because the Vizio Smart TV I was playing on didn't like the signal it was getting. I didn't have any issues with any of my "Dumb" Vizio TVs, just the "Smart" one. If you are trying to play on anything other than an old CRT TV, it's very possible that's your problem. Every rom I have works on the Harmony, with either a 2600, Jr. or my 7800. Of course, you do have to know if you are using PAL or NTSC, since that's rather important. Also, something important to note, even a modded console won't help if your Tv has an issue with a game. Without knowing all the technical stuff, my understanding is that some games used "blank" in place of "black" and that's where the problems happen with my smart TV. When the game tries to use that, the TV just drops the picture, but continues to play the sounds. Skeleton was one of the games that had this issue. I found a modified version of the rom, now it plays just fine. There is the off chance that your console could have a bad chip, since it seems under the right conditions, the TIA chip can fail, but only show signs on some games. I'm sure some of the programmers and more tech savvy folks can help more than I have, but I thought I'd share what little knowledge I have. :grin:

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