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  • Bonus Lives at 20,000 then every 70,000
  • Jingle added to AtariAge Splash Screen
  • Disabled collision routines if player is dead as Nathan twice saw the mysterious destruction of station during player's death sequence
  • Revised formation appearances
    * Sector 1 = I-Type only
    * Sector 2 = 50% I-Type, 50% P-Type
    * Sector 3+ = 37.5% I-Type, 37.5% P-Type, 25% E-Type
  • Fixed condition where Red Alert sound effect would repeat in the menu
  • Slowed down explosion sequences
  • Shifted 64 bytes of unused RAM from Display Data to C Variables & Stack
  • E-Types launched from stations will now collide with stationary objects
  • Fixed bug where next level would start if you rammed the last station with your last star fighter

To Do:
  • Fine-Tune level progression - notes from Nathan:
    * Spy Ships don't appear in the first two sectors until after the third formation attack
    * After that, it seems Spy Ships don't appear near the start of a sector - it's either after a formation attack (or two), or if you survive for a certain length of time (I have to fly the full height of the sector at least once)
    * Spy Ship appearances seem to (usually) follow formation attacks
    * When a formation attack is launching, it doesn't appear that any other ships will attack you (except Spy Ships) - again, I'll have to look at the videos
    * If you fly around long enough - a Red Alert should start, even without a Spy Ship. I don't know how long, however.
  • beginning of next sector (not new game) and next ship - need a delay to show radar before the ship starts moving.
  • Need a longer pause after player's ship is destroyed - not needed for final ship as GAME OVER sequence handles that.
  • Nathan spotted a collision detection glitch, see details page 9 of Draconian Sound Effects PM. I've not been able to recreate
  • Remaining sound effects from ieposta
  • If player flies AWAY FROM the side the spy-ship is exiting, condition red can be triggered right away even if the spy ship has additional passes remaining.
  • Alert! Alert! Seems to sound when a new threat is sighted - whether a ship or a space station. But it doesn't repeat for each one.

For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)

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