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Atari 2600 , 7800 n xe


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There were labels including two fight night labels so no clue which carts they belong.


Also there are Two Computers. TT030. And. TT030/8. Neither I can find for Sale on the n no clue on value n that slot part with paper sttached


The "slot part with paper attached" is a part they inserted into the 3 1/2 inch floppy drives for shipping. I threw mine away back in the day. Probably most people did. I don't know that it would have much value but who knows.


Lots of fun pics there. The chips with the glass windows should be covered as they are erased by UV light (sunlight). I am guessing the glue on the stickers gave up and they fell off those eprom chips.


Part of the fun of protos is having that snapshot of their work in progress to try to understand their thought process as they developed the games. If the data is lost, I would think the value of the proto would be greatly reduced.

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Some of the pcb you have posted look like production 7800 32k rom boards (smaller size boards). If the chips do not have windows or stickers on them and have Atari part numbers printed on them such as begin with CO followed by some numbers then those are production boards that would probably not be worth much at all.


Someone will probably want that 7800 high score cart though and if the TT computers are in good shape they could sell well.


Is there just one 7800 high score cart? There were 3 pics posted is why I ask.

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Here's what my elf eyes see:




Crystal Castles PAL - probably the final version




RS Basketball 12/16 - Final version

Stargate 12/30 - Late WIP. Not dumped

Xevious 1-4-84 - Final version. I assume this came off the labeless 5200 proto





Food Fight? All I see is FIGHT. Might be Fight Night as I think he has a Fight Night proto in the pictures he showed me.

Super Pac-Man 1/18 - Final? This is an odd date

Lode Runner 8/22/87 - I assume these came from the labeless XE proto





Prototype High Score cart?

Basketball (Basketbrawl) - Final ROM

Food Fight 6/29





Xenophobe 7/25/90





Moon Patrol 2/28 - Colecovision? It has that weird three chip board.

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Ebay to highest bidder and let the market decide.................


Yup. Absolutely the way to go with protos. I would list each one separately - explain what you know about it if anything and upload some good photos then see what they bring.

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Do you know anything about this? I've never seen one like that.


No, but I have a good guess, additional devcart. That does not look like a proto, more like a devcart. Mitch?


EDIT: Think about it, look at the mount of the through-edge connector, you could not use this with a cart at all.

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