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Technical assistance needed


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I have been trying all afternoon to create a pathway for Fred Kaal's MODULE CREATER 2_0 without success. The instructions on his site do not correspond with the information contained in the various shortcuts to which he refers. I wish to run the program from a flash drive F:/, can anyone provide me with an icon/pathway to the the program? Thanks.

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After some file re-naming slight of hand, I was FINALLY able to get Fred's program to run successfully from my flash drive. It took a bit of "freelancing" to overcome the set up docs but it works! Now, for a test of it to create a bunch of EPROMs.


Pretty much what I had to do, as I recall.



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I'll give it a good run through tomorrow. I can turn EA5 files into EPROMs manually using DISkASSEMBLER, some instructions from the "Great Gazoo" ( egads! I miss our weekly phone conversations) and one of a couple of GPL headers that I have acquired over the years. It would be so much easier if Fred's program will to it automatically!!

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