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Weird Genesis Model 1 Glitch


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After I have my Genesis on for several minutes, I'm getting a strange video glitch. The screen wavers or pulses a little then it rolls and turns black except for a few wavy outlines. The sound and the game seem to continue just fine though.


I resoldered the solder points on the AV out even though the delay in effect suggests that it is something on the board that is having problems.


The current plan is to replace the capacitors and the voltage regulators unless the symptoms sound like something else to you folks.

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I would check the power supply first. It may be failing and losing output after it gets warm. Then replace caps and the voltage regulator. If that still doesn't work, I'd check the video encoder chip. If you have something like can of compressed air, turn it upside down and aim at the video chip for a quick squirt and quick freeze. Does the video come back? Resolder that chip or replace it.

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could also indicate an overheat issue. A lot of the model 1 units could do with a fresh clean and reapplication of heat sink compound. Mine did something similar only with sparkle effects after it had been on and running for a while. Turns out, one or both of my voltage regulators were going weak. I replaced them both with higher amperage versions for like .67 cents each and it has been running great so far.

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