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Team Play - The Draft!


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at least I wasn't last, but still picked at an embarrassing slot, hopefully I'll make people regret that


You better check yourself before you wreck yourself! "At least I wasn't last???" "Embarrassing slot???" You are lacking a serious sense of pride about being picked where we were! I may be new around here, but I know one thing. It is embarrassing for you not being picked last! You are just jealous because I was! Change your username to "classicembarrassingslot_27330" and go get picked #1! Then talk to me about embarrassing!

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hey I couldn't complain about getting to play soccer or badminton instead of sitting there trying to follow a bunch of boring bullcrap like health class or social studies. Gym & math were my favorite parts of the day in school!


well I guess I liked lunch pretty well too.

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actually yeah there were times I had a class like that. running miles, doing pull ups etc. When you get "Captain No-Fun" for a gym teacher. plus wearing my stinky gym clothes xP


At least I knew the exercise was good for me. Some of those ding-bat classes -- wheeeeeew (low whistle), I tell ya!


anyway I get your point :-D GO STARBLAZERS !

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