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I feel like Heloise. I like old-timey stuff. Like vintage video games. And crossword puzzles. I just rediscovered on my newsstand TV Guide Crosswords. It had long been absent. I don't know if they still make TV Guide. And if it does, if they still put crosswords in it. Anyway, I like to do the older ones, the "classics" as they refer to them.

The 1980s brought some really interesting crossword grid designs. So what do I do now? Since I would like to do them over and over again, I copy the ones I am most interested in doing. That way I can do them over and over again without having penciled in answers already in the magazine. Come to think of it, I got this tip in school. Some teacher brought in old Games magazines and said to copy them first so future people can do them as well.

So anyway, that's my tip. But it's only useful if you like crosswords. And have a copying machine. Sorry about that.

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