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Panic! Rooms by Generation2 - COMING SOON!


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"You are a rich, ruthless Texan oil tycoon who stepped over everybody and everything to get to where you are today. Your home is your fortress and is glorious for all to see.

However, your competitors that you have had jailed so you could dominate the market have escaped from jail. They are angry, VERY angry! They are after what is rightly theirs and most importantly, REVENGE!

Use your complex labyrinth of Panic! Rooms within your mansion to defeat your foes once more, reclaim their treasure, slaughter enemies and dodge their booby traps whilst maintaining your stamina in this action-survival adventure for the Atari 2600!"

*** Panic! Rooms by Generation2 will require you to plan you lines of attack carefully, ensuring you retreat at the right moments to avoid running out of stamina before you defeat your foes in room-after-room of tough gun battle against an array of opponents with their own strengths and characteristics.

Solve the puzzles, be wary of the traps and find your way out of Tycoon Mansion whilst trying to recover as much wealth (points) as possible!

No-one has ever taken you down.... yet! ***





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On 11/6/2019 at 8:07 AM, EvoMikeUK said:

Yes, all assets and final ROM has now been submitted to AtariAge. So hopefully we will have this out as soon as possible!

Please check out the facebook.com/Generation2Games page for updates on this game and on the new RPG Save Gaia that is now in development.

Video demos, please?

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