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So for some reason, I figured I needed to do some bankswitching to get Frank the Fruit Fly working again. I tried to put two files together but was unable to. What led me to this assumption? I started the game from the very beginning and went up to the screen with the buttons. After pressing the second button, instead of saying "RIGHT," it said "bank 1." So I asked for help on the game boy development forum.

I realized that what had been happening was it was saying "bank 1" because I put in a file for all the other banks (to fill up the ROM), that tells it to say "I'm in bank 1." A few attempts at making a .bat file later, all my previous error messages about overlapping data were gone. And not only that, the game works fine now. But I have gotten a taste of how difficult bankswitching is on the Game Boy because I couldn't get it to work.

So what I learned was I'm not yet at the point where I need to bankswitch quite yet, but once I get there, it will be super tough, or perhaps downright impossible, for me to do. The documentation about bankswitching is very sparse. I also got the notes more in tune. The songs were pretty crappy sounding once I had put in a second channel. But I think I fixed it.

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