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Atari 2600 Wireless Controllers Reciever Antenna Help

Jeremy Popp

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I'm looking for a little help as I've recently come across a set of Atari Wireless controllers with the receiver. Everything works, however my antenna has been broken in half at some point, and I'm missing the top half. I'm hoping someone can do me a favor and measure the length of an original antenna as collapsed AND extended fully as this will help me find a replacement. Thanks in advance!





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Its about 4.25 inch collapsed and 18 inch extended. Thats from the tip to the bottom of elbow when bent at 90 degrees. Like in your picture.


Perfect, thank you so much. Now the hunt is on to find a suitable replacement. I'll be sure to post if/where/when I find one for future reference.

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I found a really close replacement here. For future reference, if the link doesn't work, here are the details:


7 Section Telescopic Aerial Antenna FM RADIO ANTENNA

Manufacturer: TS


Section :7 sections

First Section Diameter:7mm
Extended length:450MM
Hight quality Material: Brass
Fit for Radio ,DAB

Collapse length: 97mm


The tip is not exactly the same, but the sizing for everything is amazingly close. I had to keep the base because it has a connector that I've never seen before. However, taking out the one Phillips screw at the hinge and replacing with this one was easy. I did add an extra washer because the new one is slightly thinner where it connects. Once collapsed, it will even snap into it's resting clip and looks original.


Thanks again for your help nick3092


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