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Indus GT drive - LED panel


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I have an Indus GT drive in near mint condition, however couple of bars on the LED panel (where the drive status/sector info is displayed) don't light up.

Has anyone attempted to fix this on their drive?

Have you tried to find out whether the dispay itself is faulty or if it's the circuit that controls it?

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If you search back through the threads I went through this about 8 months ago. It is more than likely the LEDs are not getting good connection to the board. There is also the possibility that it is the ribbon cable to the main board. I removed and installed it so many times trying to fix it, that I wrecked the cable.. then had to fashion a new cable.. that was not fun.


My point is.. the more you play with it, the more that can go wrong, so be careful, that board and cable were not designed to be connected and disconnected a lot.



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