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A Microvision Collection


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The thread on a Microvision screen replacement (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/267355-microvision-replacement-screen-lets-get-serious-about-it/page-3) inspired me to dig my collection out and snap a quick pic of it. During the course of completion (at least to the extent I was going to) I acquired a fair number of duplicates, I ended up with a complete 'US' boxed collection, a boxed 'Super Blockbuser' as well as a complete, loose, 'US-Collection. I also got very lucky in that I only ended up with a couple of 'bum'/screen rot' consoles, but acquired 4 'still good/working' consoles; one 'like new in box', one 'what I believe to be a euro version' console and two regular other working consoles).


The collection was a result of just purchasing mostly cheap lots of ebay ('like new boxed console' and 'Super Breakout' being the exceptions). I also learned that while Super Blockbuster will 'kind of work' in a US console, it really doesn't fit very well - it seems slightly wider than the other games. It fits the 'euro' console I have just fine.


I do still lack a copy of the 'non-Star Trek branded' Phaser Strike manual but gave up trying to find it long ago. Maybe I will chance upon it some day.


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Excellent collection.

May I show you mine? It's complete, but I am thinking of getting US versions of Sea Duel and Alien Raiders just for the sake of it.

My US system includes a Business card from David Vetter, Senior Project Engineer Advanced Electronics at Milton Bradley Company (On the back it says: Marry Christmas I've already put fresh batteries inside)



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