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Bubsy for the Atari VCS/2600


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A lot of people think Bubsy started on Atari (really the SNES and then Genesis) so .... sure... why not! Here we have it folks...


BUBSY : Kitt'N Kaboodle




This fun hack of Fast Eddie was made possible by Hack-O-Matic 3 and some coloring by KevinMos3 who has already made many good color hacks for Atari 2600 games.


The Woolies are at it again stealing Bubsy's stuff and this time they stole EVERYTHING and stored it on the planet Kaboodle!!! Bubsy will need to JUMP OVER the Woolies to get it all back. In the game you'll see objects Bubsy needs to collect on based on items he collected in...


Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind.

Bubsy 2

Bubsy Fractured Furry Tales

Bubsy 3D

Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Respective


And even the newest which came out recently that I'm enjoying...

post-4709-0-23692100-1508524667.png                 695771500349.jpg.e7216521aaf4500e5abc563deda6ca52.jpg

Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back                          Bubsy: Paws on Fire


Latest binary:

Bubsy0 R20.bin                             1662777049_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_16_07PM.png.85f41c4410d65c47e24dfbcdfef717e8.png

Bubsy0 R21-HS.bin Holiday Special 1636656881_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_18_32PM.png.05407551db5a6b7b3b623fdf79be608a.png


Downloads to load on a SuperCharger. (by Troff)




Latest Sound Beta:

Bubsy0 S14.bin


Play online by clicking here!



  The manual (created by MKdoes711)

Bubsy-Kittn_Kaboodle.pdf 623299560_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_19_47AM.png.04d8cef87625b75959b80ebd0e6d810b.png

Atari 2600 Silver label.

Atari 2600 Text label.



Alpha stage:

Bubsy A01.bin.        262588079_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_44_18PM.png.7d0aae9b103dbef3c392138442dd0b49.png

Bubsy A02.bin.        805894750_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_27_38AM.png.3207467ca241e68e4758063923c33dc0.png

Bubsy A03.bin.        382904760_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_27_58AM.png.82770a8b3f2960018a31db76859273ae.png

Bubsy A04.bin.        667446702_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_28_11AM.png.34d287b2ce7f3cd12dd16dd8b8cf5b65.png

Bubsy A05.bin         671315902_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_28_47AM.png.5cbde8673d30f0442501269a061965d3.png

Bubsy A06.bin         1292989461_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_29_04AM.png.c8cf313126b594109b0d7c4a387505bd.png

Bubsy A07.bin

Bubsy A08.bin

Bubsy A09.bin

Bubsy A10.bin         376091890_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_29_38AM.png.469ae5432bfab53029e2ca3031df93b3.png

Bubsy A11.bin         1674557179_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_36_07AM.png.e84fa64dd7c0e9da3b75ca188875511e.png

Bubsy A12-Color.bin1005110507_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_36_52AM.png.c27daf14a46b0d5138de29f47359569a.png

Bubsy A13.bin

Bubsy A14.bin

Bubsy A15.bin

Bubsy A16.bin

Bubsy A17.bin

Bubsy A18-No RL.bin 2071202976_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_38_37AM.png.e73cf2ea5a3e84fb8d8c656c2e442246.png

Bubsy A19.bin

Bubsy A20 2.bin



Bubsy0 R1.bin.        517115777_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_40_33AM.png.e326dcf3b3ffdd39e7d10138bdbf5098.png

Bubsy0 R2.bin

Bubsy0 R3.bin.        1854286267_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_41_30AM.png.0290bfbe76b28943ad2aa82322404f07.png

Bubsy0 R4.bin.        210247113_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_41_56AM.png.9fe506cec50265d4ead9c2c817faf9c2.png

Bubsy0 R5.bin.        773596047_ScreenShot2020-04-19at12_02_48PM.png.17462aa88e7f983f7328c2ab1022a83b.png

Bubsy0 R6.bin.        883457935_ScreenShot2020-04-19at11_43_14AM.png.a869a669fa1c5ae1adbe5ccb52bd3012.png

Bubsy0 R7.bin.        638198377_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_06_57PM.png.003f826847c505205029ff057efb81cd.png

Bubsy0 R8.bin.        2060072516_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_07_30PM.png.31699169d321d777d1651a30a5e4c81c.png

Bubsy0 R9.bin.        644106881_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_08_12PM.png.a18480c0ed8a16699becc3b13f87e906.png

Bubsy0 B10.bin.      236082955_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_10_06PM.png.bf6411176277eefc6ad690463e4f6227.png

Bubsy0 B11.bin.      1597991312_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_11_07PM.png.f5439c0b6896062c4b2ba4d2d7753329.png

Bubsy0 B12.bin.      1791701312_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_11_56PM.png.b56357ecab133114b91c4c0576b72a4e.png

Bubsy0 B13.bin.      1366317661_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_13_16PM.png.e25543c9400d7e9f337a792f8d9902c0.png

Bubsy0 R14.bin

Bubsy0 R15.bin.      1830387783_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_14_24PM.png.07acf021c1fdd7f413f3bc7e1b267561.png

Bubsy0 R16.bin
Bubsy0 R17.bin

Bubsy0 R18.bin

Bubsy0 R19.bin.      1662777049_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_16_07PM.png.85f41c4410d65c47e24dfbcdfef717e8.png

Bubsy0 R20.bin.      11698976_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_17_41PM.png.c32efd7c1d3501ad0a88059f56a3d2b8.png


Bubsy0 R21-HS.bin Holiday Special.  1636656881_ScreenShot2020-04-19at1_18_32PM.png.05407551db5a6b7b3b623fdf79be608a.png





OTHER VERSIONS -----------------------------------------------



Atari Computer Version293905258_ScreenShot2020-04-19at2_33_31PM.png.b15a66bcda1b4094958ea199033410f5.png

Atari 5200 Version.1490615290_ScreenShot2020-04-19at2_39_33PM.png.121616b94356f3c63f0152575bff9d96.png



Commodore Vic 20 Version701500176_ScreenShot2020-04-19at2_27_50PM.png.2c3e4ef22773d38807bdc1a0dda9e867.png

Commodore 64 Version164311510_ScreenShot2020-04-19at2_26_16PM.png.c251e864fe0e24b8b8e0a44f8e1b083b.png1450844948_ScreenShot2020-04-19at2_42_39PM.png.3c925b5512a51b0d95959611c2e84400.png


Nuon (Alpha) Version. 1598210448_ScreenShot2020-04-19at2_44_07PM.png.f4687e20711a35cc08b3fc6cd5180d3c.png


Jaguar (Alpha) Version. 877174637_ScreenShot2020-04-19at2_45_30PM.png.6a8a7721cabfce654b9081e6a4cdf1fd.png



And also...






Special guest, Scott Williamson, programmer on the original Bubsy game!


Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 10.22.53 PM.png

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This would likely make it the most playable and best Bubsy game yet right? LOL


Maayyybbbee. I'm a big fan of Fractured Furry Tales, but we'll see how The Woolies Strike Back turns out. Like what I see so far.

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Did some more improvements to the game and got all the prizes in the order I wanted them. So now it is...


Levels 1 & 2-Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind.

Levels 3 & 4-Bubsy 2

Levels 5 & 6-Bubsy Fractured Furry Tales

Levels 7 & 8-Bubsy 3D

Level 9 -Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Respective


Level 10-Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back


For those that know anything about Bubsy I think you'll get a kick out the choices for prizes on each level with intended jokes on Levels 3 and 9.


New binary attached!

Bubsy0 R2.bin

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Just when the red shirt was growing on me, I figured out how to change it to white. :D


Been a fun exercise in 2600 game hacking (and free advertising for the new Bubsy game) :P


So maybe in the future I'll try making this a 8K image with a splash screen, changed sounds, in game music...



I did try to tinker with the background color but starting to think Fast Eddie didn't have a background color, just defaulted to black.


Might try sprucing up the Woolies a bit more.


In the meantime, newest binary attached.



Bubsy0 R3.bin

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Agreed Atari LBC. At the very least you can buy it on steam and try it there before getting the $250-$300 Ps4. Another option.


Like a lot of people on Atariage I'm a video game *collector* so naturally I bought the physical Ps4 game that I can store on a shelf. I will probably play it on a friend's ps4 till I get my own system a few years later. ;)


(Did that with Battlestar Galactica on the Ps2. Bought the game, got the system at a flea market for $30 four years later.)


Alright, with Atari Dog's input I have lowered the Bubster just a bit so his ears don't disappear into the ceiling. (Also added some yellow to the bottom of the feet in the jumping sprite.)




And with some tinkering the shirt now has the "!" on it.





Bubsy0 R6.bin

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So now we are getting down to the small stuff graphically. Need to add a nose. Thought I would throw these out there for input and fun.


Currently our character looks like a owl without his nose. At least I think so...



So I played around with some alternatives for looking left (at the player and breaking the 4th wall)




And ones where he looks to the right...




The last one on the right I call "Yogi-Bubsy". :P


So far I am liking these two..




The one on the right looks a bit odd close up as the nose is just under the right eye (well the left eye to the Bubster, but right from our perspective). Looks alright though at regular size. So far liking the one to the right best.


Also, one other thought, oddly the Woolies were a similar color to Bubsy. As I took this picture of Yogi Bubsy with a Woolie I wondered if I shouldn't make them a lighter color...




This video art is addicting once you get started. ;)

Edited by doctorclu
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So there I was, happy with my work. I make this picture for my profile while I think of the next thing to do ...




And I realize looking at the two side by side there was still more work to do at least with coloring and a bit more shaping.


So I took color samples of the character image to the left, compared them with the color chart in Hack-O-Matic 3:




And after doing that for a bit, got this version which should have been true color (34 from 28) for the body, FA (previously 1F) for the bottom of the feet, 3F (Previously 1F) for the area around the mouth, and had 35 for the top of the head and ears (previously 28 and 45).




The background however is black, so to compensate I tried to lighten up the picture (34 to 37)



And then I lightened it up a bit more (37 to 3A)




Next would be fun to change the background to a sky blue. I don't see where the background is defined. I think to define it (or add that) will require a decompile and adding that to the instructions (and then recompile).


Suffice to say, anything at this point (background, title screen, possible music or sound changes) will probably require more than hex editing and hack-o-matic. :/




Sometimes when I stand in the right place at the right time (depending on backdrop) the "!" on the shirt is the right color. :P


Bubsy0 R9.bin

Edited by doctorclu
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This is looking great. :)


I wanna give it a go later.


It's funny I made a Bubsy sprite too, with the idea to use the Carrot Kingdom engine later for a Bubsy game, but this is awesome. ^^


Great work my man!


Thanks! Carrot Kingdom? Don't Bogart the Bubsy! Let's see it! :)

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..yours captures ... the essence of Bubsy.


Really cool. :) I've been working to see how the Atari VCS/2600 would interpret the character and cool to hear it is getting there. And this cursed project keeps giving me ideas just when I think I'm done. :P Part of the programming learning and challenge. So hopefully more to come.

Edited by doctorclu
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