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Bubsy for the Atari VCS/2600


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Today I thought I'd play with the background a bit.


one thing that is interesting about Fast Eddie is how they used a warping effect to make characters larger.


On the left you have the way the character looks in the code, being 19 pixels high. On the left you have how the character looks on the screen which is 23 pixels high. Notice how in the code the "!" on the shirt is actually a ":". Suffice to say, this character design with the "!" on the shirt benefited from this warping effect.




The ladders on the game work the same way. To make the ladders wider than the character of 8 pixel widths they had a make it where the ladder pixels were three times wider. What you see below is how 8 pixels for the ladder background is stretched out. Originally only four of the eight pixels are used. You also see where the warping that stretched the "!" on the character also stretched the ladder as well.




The same warping effect is used to make the enemy on the top level grow and shrink as you grab prizes, and stretches out the enemies on the other levels for variety. Really helps me appreciate the programmers of Fast Eddie in what they were able to do with this.

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And then there was a new background... (and yes, a new binary at the end of this message)




An "interactive" background where Bubsy can stop to check himself in the mirror... *




Or get a beer... *




Kinda dual purpose on that one.


And since Bubsy likes to talk so much, word bubbles!



[The text in the word bubble was the only thing photo edited.]

There you have it, a background for a bobcat, and hopefully you all, to enjoy! :D



* The picture with the mirror was a actual promotional picture in 1993.

The picture with the beer was not. That was something I photo edited the year before Bubsy was old enough to drink. That modified picture has been used by many who have talked about Bubsy. Kinda proud of that. :P

Bubsy0 B10.bin

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Playing with Sound.


So thanks so far to some disassembled code that Nukey Shay did of Fast Eddie some time ago and some hexediting, I've been hunting down the sound and got it to at least sound different for the ladders and getting prizes. Still looking for the others. Here is what it sounds like with some of the sounds changed:


Bubsy0 S14.bin


Below are what I've been able to find. Also the latest graphical edits to the background are in this binary...


Bubsy0 B13.bin


So still having fun with this.


Two more days till the release of the new Bubsy game, and the 24 hour Bubsy question and answer on twitter start tomorrow at 10 am PST.


From this point on the latest binaries will be featured on the first message of this thread also.



0285 Ladder.bin

0296 Ladder quiet.bin

03c0 prize 3.bin

03c0 prize collect 2.bin

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Levels 1 & 2-Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind.





Exclamation Mark



Levels 3 & 4-Bubsy 2





Trading Cards



Levels 5 & 6-Bubsy Fractured Furry Tales


Ball with Exclamation Mark



Extra Life Shirt



Levels 7 & 8-Bubsy 3D


Rocket Parts






Level 9 -Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Respective


"No Relief"



Level 10-Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back


Glowing yarnball


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While creating the 400/800/XL/XE version I realized that some of the prize sprites could be a pixel or so higher, making it where you have to jump for some prizes. The one in particular I wanted was the "No Relief" prize, since this would make it harder to get the prize (have to jump for it, can't just stand) to get this now. Which is all part of the "No Relief" gag in the gameplay.




Overall, I tried to make it where on each level Bubsy starts off having to jump for the prize on the first world level (the odd levels generally) and can simply brush his ears against the next prize (even levels) by just standing up.


New binary attached.



Bubsy0 R17.bin

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Been trying to port over the sprites to the Vic 20 Fast Eddie game. In some ways the Vic 20 might be too limited to do what the 2600 did. Or at least the Fast Eddie code on the Vic 20 might be limited.


Another minor edit to this one. The VCS/2600 version is more fun to work with.

Bubsy0 R18.bin

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Dr, this is just fantastic...Thank you


I was not much of a fan of the Snes versions, they had clunky scroll and just initially felt like a really cheap Sonic clone, the next game was much better.,.


:) Thanks. Always liked Fast Eddie as a game, glad we could give it an updated look with a character with more charisma.


As for the SNES version the Bubsy.com site has this cool timeline of the Bubsy games. Which one of these were the next game you liked?




To me the first Bubsy was likable, but what got me hooked on the character was the Jaguar version, which once you get used to it is fun and zippy. You probably wouldn't like that so much since it also has the side scrolling and off screen characters for some cheap deaths if not careful.


However... the new Bubsy just released you might like. A bit slower paced with the camera pulled back a bit to see more of the screen. I've found it to be a fun take your time and explore the level kind of game.



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Here were the original pictures just for comparison.




Also, here is one good for an end label if you ever make a cartridge for yourself. *




The disclaimer that you think we wouldn't need but here goes...

* Definitely not encouraging selling these. All this has been a fun fan project to have my favorite character on the earlier Atari systems and maybe drum up some interest in the new Bubsy game. All the above is for personal enjoyment and not for sell. However if Accolade wants to make some retro cartridges using the above and sell them here on Atariage, I'd probably buy them just to have an official retro release. :D



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