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Selling my sears light six with broken reset switch (but works)


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Took some pictures. Not so good. Masschamber sold me a used stalk for 3 bucks. Came today in the mail. Not so good. I took some photos above link. My original stalk was closed on both sides. As you can see in the last 4 photos the masschamber stalk is open on one side so room for the spring to escape. So far not coming out. But a little slip of the spring after re assembling the switch before putting the whole atatri back together. But not totally slipping out. I tried some electrical tape to hold it in place but it just comes loose. After putting it all back together it looks great. But I am scared the spring might fall out. And it does not work. It powers on. But pulling the reset switch down makes it go down. But I have to manually pull it back up to start space invaders. It does not spring back up automatically.

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