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With the Holidays coming...you need Holiday Lights!


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Many many years ago I purchased a very unique application from Tiger Technologies called "Holiday Lights". Some may remember it. It basically added a string of Christmas lights around the border of your desktop. It was highly configurable (they provided new bulb downloads, end user bulb submissions) and it can play music (holiday music or whatever you desired) while the bulbs were flashing. It can be used as a screensaver, bulb flashing adjustments...and much more.


I really loved this program and so did my girlfriend (who is now my wife of 12 years). The application stopped functioning around the time Vista was released (actually, it might have stopped working with Windows 7) but I never forgot about it. I found the company online and while they still exist they are now a web hosting company and do nothing with software....BUT...


They were kind enough to provide the app (both Windows and Mac OS9 versions) with a key to unlock the paid version for free as well as downloads of their bulb archives and other neat apps they created back in the day. I figured I'd share it with you guys:




Its going to be a blast from the past having this running during the holidays this year. Kudos to Tiger Technologies for not forgetting about their roots and providing this and their other excellent apps for free for all of us nowadays so-called "vintage computer enthusiasts" ;)


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I used to have a Mr Hankey screen saver on my PC. My wife hated it. I loved it.


Not sure if this is the same one I had but http://www.brothersoft.com/mr.-hankey-screen-saver-11873.html


Hidey Ho



Cool, it works in Windows 10 ;) That is after struggling to FIND the screensaver settings in Windows 10 to test it. Thanks!

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This product is not something that appeals to me, but I agree that the company deserves praise for making this old software available for free. So many companies, especially in the technology sector, have utterly no sense of history.



The continued growth of our Web hosting business has changed our company into something much larger and very different, but some of us still remember the days when someone could say “Wouldn't it be neat if you could put Christmas tree lights around the edge of your computer screen?” and we'd actually have time to do it. We enjoyed it, and we'll miss it.

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