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Got our Harmony - but not working


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Hi everybody,


we got our new Harmony, it didn't worked with our 2600 neither with our 7800. Followed Up the How To article's. Not working, getting only a running screen. Tested with 2 different sd-cards. One was with a new 16GB sd-card from kingston.

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You should provide more info on what are you experiencing.


Is your console PAL or NTSC?

What about the TV you're using? CRT or LCD?

Did you tried reflashing the bios, ensuring you're using the correct one (PAL or NTSC)?

Do you see the menu on the TV even if the picture is rolling, or nothing recognizable is displayed at all?

Or maybe the menu is fine but the problem happens when you launch the games? Are the roms you're using the correct format (PAL/NTSC)?

Pictures of the screen would help too.

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we have the PAL system. Screeny attached via shared album. The screen is rolling and our testing TV, this is LCD based and works fine with old homecomputers and old gaming consoles. When we plug in the original gaming catridge everything is okay. Our Atari is connected via the classic way with the antenna cable. Flashed with harmony cart software version 1.1.
We got the rolling screen with the shipped bios and also with the bios we can download from http://atariage.com/forums/topic/156500-latest-harmony-cart-software/the bios is 1.05 with pal fix and the eeloader 1.04e pal 60
hopefully it helps.

IMG 0719


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Maybe your TV doesn't like PAL60 through rf?
Try flashing the PAL50 bios instead.

Also try starting a game. Even if the menu is rolling, you should be able to select and start a rom with little trial and error. (maybe just put a single rom in the SD card). Ensure that the game is PAL. I suggest the atarimania.com rom collection for a complete set of classic roms.

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We reflashed the Harmony with cart software 1.3, we tested it before with other TVs now with the "newer" flash software we got a nearly working combination. The menu looks weired (seem's to be a few pixels missing) but it's not rolling. Maybe I can make a few pictures how it looks like now. Thanks for the link alex_79.

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The menu looks weired (seem's to be a few pixels missing)


That's most probably due by the TV not supporting the progressive signal of the Atari and treating it like a standard interlaced TV signal. This is most noticeable whenever there's flicker (like in the Harmony menu).

Many digital TVs have this problem. The only solution (other than using another TV set) is an external scaler that can decode this kind of signal correctly.

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