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An Infinium Phantom Proto may have been found.


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Did anyone else see this article? I thought it was an interesting read.

As Schlesinger tells it, a console collector brought the Phantom prototype in to Microtek Systems—his computer repair shop in Venice, Florida—nearly three years ago (the recent Nintendo Play Station photos reminded Schlesinger of the incident, he said). That collector had "picked it up somewhere for $200 from someone he did some work for... because the previous owner didn’t know what this Phantom thingie was," as Schlesinger recalls. "He knew exactly what he had, and I immediately recognized the unit, mostly because of the stories that Ars did on the scam."



According to the article the system was basically a box of PC parts, which they were able to assemble and get to run Windows XP. When it was finished the owner left, so there's no real way to confirm this is the real deal. But it's still cool.

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I had not seen this article before; thank-you for posting it.


I'm skeptical, however, about calling this thing a "prototype" -- it is just a collection of off-the-shelf parts (other than the case, presumably). It seems like anyone could build a reasonable facsimile themselves; there is nothing "new" here. It would be more interesting had there been some proprietary Phantom software or something else to make it unique.

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