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2017 - 2018 7800 HSC Season Game 5: DONKEY KONG


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145,200. Don't think I can squeeze much more out of this, but I'm appreciating the game a lot more. Now, if only I could get better timing out of those #$%$ pogo sticks...


Of course you can! :)


Despite the comment about the pogo sticks, where the last life is lost in the capture, it is on the Ramp level. A little more careful timing, taking a tad bit longer, likely even more progress passed that board would have been made and onto the next.


[Hint: Make sure DK is clear of dropping barrels and actually dumping one to his side when approching the ladder before the hammer (Stay to the left of the ladder with the overhead ramp still present by the ramp), to guarantee avoidance of an overhead drop that close to Kong.]


Being on Level 6, the game challenge is already at its hardest. Once Level 9 is made, the level count won't go any higher, but really the difficulty reaching Level 5 seems to be at this port's max.


I love Donkey Kong, it's my favorite golden age Arcade game of all time. However, this port, much like ColecoVision and NES (both original retail and the extra disappointing, "Original Edition/Pie Foundry"), just doesn't present the Arcade challenge.


The below was on Level 11 (I think) when I stopped.






My highest I went with this port in the past before stopping was either ~360,000 or ~380,000, if I am recollecting correctly. Typically, that's around the same ball park (300,000's) as the ColecoVision and NES port marathons before I stop playing the game.


P.S. One life lost at the same spot, toiletunes, earlier on...I believe during Level 4; it was sloppy of me. :P

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