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My second game released last weekend. "Give me my Pancake !"


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My new game for atari 2600/vcs, released last weekend.

It was great fun last weekend on eurocon 2017!




Same goal as last time, 4K game, 100% assembly, using only my own code.



The game is free, just download and try.

It also works perfectly on the Atari hand-held.


Box and manual are in the zip-download, any copy-shop will print this out for you, costs about 4-5 $

My thanks to Robbert Jansen who made the amazing box-art !


Optional hard-copy (PCB+stickers) available.

There is NO limited run, I build on demand.







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Great game! Been playing it on the portable for an even more "Game & Watch" experience.

Nice score too!


Current high score, game set to BA, is 212 by Mark Guttenbrunner (!)


Up to now, I have just over 100 downloads.

Not bad at all after only 4 days.


Enjoy the game!

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No, it is a game&watch from the 80's.




It was our theme for the eurocon 2017, held 27 November in Nijmegen (Netherlands).

Annual gaming weekend with friends all over Europe.

We did a boat-trip on the river while eating pancakes.



Oh, and I did not google anything, just called my game:

"Give me my pancake !"

Because that sounded funny and catchy.



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As there is some memory remaining to add one name, i would like to know if you can add the delimiters instead (see picture) If so, I would like one cartridge in NTSC format.Thanks.

This will invoke changing the game code, so this answer is no.


But I am happy to put anything you like under the screen.

Max. Size is 38x5 pixels.

Checkout my homepage.

My games are free for download.




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That game is for me like the artists from way back who created the 'Multiples', also known as the MAT editions. Artists like Man Ray, Jean Tinguely, Roy Lichtenstein, Heinz Mack, Susanne Weirich and plenty more were involved making art affordable for the masses. They created one piece of art 300 times or more or build on demand and sold it cheap(ish) to the masses.

Some of those pieces you had to assemble yourself, or re-arrange as you like or you could leave it as is.



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First run on Stella, got 40 points :) I love the how-many-balls-can-I-juggle-at-once type of game. I never thought of recreating these LCD games on Atari. When I was a kid, Tiger Electronic Bowling used to get passed around at family functions for hours. I think I might try remaking that.

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