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Unboxing a golden 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge cartridge!

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I'm having a hard time grasping what I'm seeing. Is this for real or some kind of elaborate joke?


You made a bunch of repros to commemorate an achievement you made years ago, and expect other people to buy it? lol, ok....


I've seen plenty of weird stuff in this hobby, but this is by far the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

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NES repros are just another word for bootleg aka warez.


My guess here but I'm going with it. It's peddled illegal software (ie: warez)


You have a copy of the 1991 campus challenge as I know a few of them over the years have popped up and cost people a good bit (keep that in mind.) This is basically a copy of one of those boards someone bought, but the problem on why it's warez and entirely illegal is that they do not own the code. Nintendo owns the code. The owner bought the board and the code which is still Nintendo IP happened to be on it.


The board owner in time got together with another person/persons and put together that package on ebay. To recoup the losses from spending thousands of dollars in getting the game, equipment to dump it, the person/process involved to throw it on a newly board board+chipset in a new shell, label, printed manual, card, and the works are all rolled into it.


Realistically the reason why its at 250/800 because they want to make a profit over what all widely went into it. The best way, get the champ involved, get some faux licensing/backing to make it seem legit, and then peddle it as a limited release. By limiting it just like say Retro City Rampage DX on the PS4/Vita to a small run you get collector's panic and they'll claw to get it.


Basically is priced as manipulation level warez to cover buying a very rare Nintendo game board that had the game on it they do not own, then selling the package to cover all losses and turn a profit. Quite honestly if you wanted(any figurative you) to be a dick about it, you'd either call Nintendo or write their noapiracy@nintendo.com email address and let the lawyers figure it out on top of calling ebay since their click and snitch stuff never seems to work on the website.

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This isn't so much a repro, as it is a shadow box. If this was made simply for a personal keep sake, I wouldn't bat an eye. It's actually pretty creative. But to sell your shadow box to others? You're basically charging hundreds for a personal memory others didn't live.


This would be like if someone's little league team won regionals, then 25 years later they decided to replicate the trophy and include a signed photo of the team pizza party and throw them on eBay.


I don't get it.

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