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Is there a list of SGM games that "just work" on the ADAM?


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I'm gonna make you work a little:


- Go to teampixelboy.com.


- Click on any game box on the front page just so you can go to a page that has a sidebar with the full list of games.


- Click on each of the games with a little "SGM" icon next to it in the sidebar, and look for a large yellow "WARNING" sign. If the warning says "Module not required if played on the ADAM computer", you struck gold. Don't forget to check the "ongoing projects". ;)


The ones with a white "SGM" icon work on a stock ColecoVision without the SGM, so they'll work on the ADAM too.


Of course, this is only for Team Pixelboy games. You'll have to ask around for CollectorVision games. Not sure if anyone else has released any SGM games outside of myself and CollectorVision.

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Go to the Big 3 ColecoVision games publishers' websites (Opcode Games, CollectorVision and Team Pixelboy) to see all the games that have been released for the SGM over the years. There is a thread on here, somewhere, but you'll have to search for it.


None of the other CV game publishers have released a SGM required or enhanced game.


Some work on the ADAM without the SGM, but most require it.

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