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400 woahs


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I recently dug out my Atari 400 and fired it up. To my surprise it worked, well for about 20 seconds. A 0 appeared at the begining and end of the memo pad logo and black screened. I tore the computer down and reseeded all the chips hoping that would help. No go. I went on Ebay and order a new GTIA chip for the unit and that is where I'm at. Today I checked the voltage on the power supply and it's running 10.4 volts. My question is: Is this voltage ok? I don't want to replace the GTIA and fry it right away.



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Since the 400 & 800 internally rectify and regulate the 9V AC to 5V DC (and 12V DC?) maybe worth checking the output voltage of those regulators to make sure it isn't outputing too high or too low?


Edit: the voltage can be measured from the joystick and SIO ports without cracking it open again

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Alright I checked the voltages at the sio port and they are spot on. So I went ahead and replaced the GTIA. Now instead of a black screen, I'm getting a Green screen. What should I check next?

Personally, I would check the CPU, then the OS ROM chips.


Also: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/woes





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