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Making an ST Joystick?


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Hi all,


Recently, I've been researching and looking to get a better joystick for my recently acquired 520STFM. I have to admit, I haven't really found one which has had solid reviews in the past with even the more popular models eventually breaking etc.


This brought on the idea of making one instead out of arcade components. I was thinking of getting a joystick and two buttons and just making a custom casing for the them to sit in. I have several low end crappy joysticks which i could take the cable out of and use for the new custom stick.


My question is, Would the arcade stick work and have to be wired up a certain way?

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This has been done a lot, in fact the Greeks use to make Arcade joysticks, and some still do today. Have you checked out Amigakit? They make a nice one.




Thanks for the link!, I didn't find that one whilst i was looking around lol. From what I've seen for the parts, I reckon it'll be far cheaper to make one? Still, that does look to be rather nice.

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