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Tigervision bankswitching with 16kb ROM?


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I'm developing some new stuff, and I'm currently experimenting with the Tigervision style bankswitching.

When doing a 16kb Tigervision ROM (7 switchable 2kb banks first, the one static 2kb bank at the end) it works fine in Stella as long as I force 3E or 3F in the "Game options". However, on my Harmony cart, no matter if I use the .3e or .3f extension, the ROM does not work properly at all, it doesn't boot.

I then padded it up to a 32kb ROM (15 switchable + 1 static) and it works fine in both Stella and on Harmony.


Is there some issue with the Harmony and 3F 16KB Tigervision? In theory this bankswithcing scheme could work for any cart size that is a multiple of 2kb, but I guess this is not the case?

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