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O2 Protective cover for offer/trade


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I won an O2 lot so I could get one of the official score pads and a few game upgrades. Included in the lot was one of the official O2 Protective covers from back in the day. I already have one so Id thought maybe one of the O2 Brotherhood and/or Club members might want one for their collection.


I could not find a sale of one on EBay or anywhere as they are quite scarce. So Ill take a reasonable offer or trade for either O2 stuff I dont have or a Turbografx game perhaps.


I am missing the last 2 Odyssey Adventure magazines and several of the full page flyers... I know Im missing Killer Bees and a few others. Anyway if anyone is interested let me know and see if we cant make a deal.


Here are some pics of the cover. It has some silver paint spots but they come right off with some alcohol and is otherwise in very nice shape.


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Thanks for sharing the pics. I've got a saved search in eBay for Odyssey dustcover, but I've never seen one come up (other than this newly made one https://www.ebay.com/itm/Magnavox-Odyssey-II-Custom-Made-Dustcover-A-unique-console-deserves-this-cover/263318663792) If I search for just Odyssey cover I get too much noise.

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