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Just arrived from Retronics for the Atari 8-bit (800xl & XEGS in my case). Unbelievably beautiful for $145 on sale ($105 +$40 postage). Definitely planning to get some future releases.
Shipped within a couple days.
Very easy to deal with and very patient. Communication was good considering they are Polish with English as second language.


BTW, the CD is a free soundtrack of the music for the big box games, ten games or maybe more and because the one game had a small hole in the cellophane, he gave me the Operation Blood 2 tape and a disk version of Miecze Valdgira free.


I should add, I plan to buy a disk drive for my 8-bits soon, but currently just have tape program recorders, thus, mostly tape version purchased, although disk version are available for about twice the tape price. Small tape case is even cheaper.


Oh, and free Polish candy of some sort in the box.


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