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First Book of Atari Graphics (Page 73)


There's also one in the BASIC TurboCharger collection.


That TurboCharger has some amazing routines in there , wish I had seen this 30 years ago. Also solved my image loading query. Fantastic.Thanks again! BTW do you know of any digi sound play back ones for basic?

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Hi, Did you manage to get round to this for me? :cool:


Sorry for the delay, I'm currently very busy. I've attached the "Sound'n'Sampler"-master disk.


(It's even missing at AtariMania: http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-sound-n-sampler_15982.html )


Load with a DOS to BASIC, then


to have a demo of a sample output with screen on.


The format of the samples is quite unusual even for the Atari. AFAIR they have only 2 bit depth - taking this into account the quality is quite good and the memory consumption very conservative.


Some demos made with the matching hardware:




...here with BASIC and screen on:



Have fun!

Sound 'n' Sampler.atr

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Not so great for extended play, as demonstrated (sounds like a badly tuned radio), but for short bursts it'd probably be fine.


Pretty cool for BASIC...


Yes, things like in the BASIC classic "Creepy Caverns"






should be possible too.

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