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Sneak Preview of the REV 2 STE booster.


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PCB is almost finished..


Basically the STE booster with more stuff...


We have 8MB of Fast-RAM (32Mhz). 32MHZ 68000 CPU. Fast-Flash 32MHz flashable ROM banks (probably 4 or 8 ROM banks). Simple IDE interface. Also this booster can be set via software or switches. Settings are stored in the small ATTINY flash chip. So if you select TOS206 and write the setting to the tiny-flash, then the STE will boot with TOS206. Also the booster can be turned on/off with software which saves having to mount switches.





Progress can be seen here.




Please don't "nag" when this will be finished, I've got like 20 projects on the go already... and no I am not adding anything else to this, so don't ask!



Also my simple STE V1.5 plug in (same as V1 STE booster but plug in) is almost finished.


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