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'Welcome to Sunnyvale' Sign proposed to the Mayor of Sunnyvale


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An email, as well as a letter with pictures of both examples have been sent to Glenn Hendricks (Mayor) and Gustav Larsson (Vice Mayor) of Sunnyvale, CA.

I'm dedicated to making this happen, but I understand it'll be a process.


I wanted to stop by and share this with you all. Feel free to voice your opinions. I'll be sure to keep in touch as this project develops.









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However you have a mixing of corporate and village here. And there is nothing related to the historical founding of the city.


Put the Atari logo on the second sign. I'd leave the dragon off, unless its a replaceable second piece.


If it's replaceable it will be easier to remove without breaking. And once people discover it'll be replaced when stolen, well, that'll encourage more theft. So no dragon.

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I agree with the comments about the dragon getting damaged / stolen / etc. (sadly it's the world that we live in) and I agree that the Atari logo may be complicated because of red tape.


Truthfully, you'll be lucky if you get to keep the key in there; but few will make the connection. I think the Atari fonts are the only detail that might get overlooked & thus allowed to remain.


I wouldn't have the time or the patience to put into an uphill battle like this. Good Luck.

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Or integrate it. Have him looking over the white border on the bottom. It would make it a traditional square sign but still have the dragon. Course it could still be a bullet magnet.


I like the sign is woodgrain though. Don't think anybody else said anything about it, maybe they didn't notice, but I think it looks cool.

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