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5200 OE HSC Season 5 Round 2 Star Wars- The Arcade Game


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Our game is Star Wars The Arcade game. Play on default settings with original systems and Atari controls. Modern flashcarts, SD loaders are allowed. Pics preferred, but not required except for HSC wins and records.

Round ends Sunday, December 10th 2017 @9pm EST


Current HSC record: Bust it for a bonus point! (wow, good luck with this one)

Star Wars The Arcade Game -
darthkur 11,065,749
Final scores-
152,312 sdamon +11
70,320 zylon +10
68,137 RangerG +9
sdamon - 11
zylon - 10
RangerG - 9


Star Wars - The Arcade Game.bin

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No picture because I started a new game and it doesn't keep the high score. Only 11 million to go to beat Darthkur, ha!


Yeah, I think that one's safe for a while. I'll put one in tomorrow, but no threat here, lol.

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