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360 achievements not showing up in


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I'm playing some of the games with gold program. I noticed that my acheivements not showing up on my monthly leaderboard when I am playing 360 games. My overall gamers score is going up, but not on my acheivements list. The xboxone only games, with gold, do show up however. Scratching my head on this one.

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Oh, I was thinking, cause xbone let's me play 360 games, but not buy 360 games. I don't know though, portal may be not compatible. (The only game I looked up to buy for 360)


Hmmm, that is strange. I've had no issues purchasing 360 games online and playing them. But I must admit, they were games like Geometry Wars 1&2, etc.. Portal 2 is available for purchase I see as well as Portal: Still Alive. But yes, Portal is amiss.


The games I am having specific issues with is Dead Fall Adventures and the Force Unleashed. I bought the special edition of DF a couple of years back and never played it. When it came up on games with gold I did the D/L and began playing it. The achievements I get don't show in my recent achievements or monthly leader board totals (same for Star Wars UL), but they do appear in my list of overall achievements. Why this is important to me is that my son, who is now on his own and his friends .... we all mildly compete for monthly achievements. I rarely beat them. But last month I did and so far, I am in the lead this month. I woudl be even farther ahead if the XBOX 360 achievements registered. I just wanted to show them that this "old man" still has some fight left in him. 'cause you know => "Old Guys Rule!"

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